Wanted to give a shout-out to the members of this group. I haven’t been to the in person meet up or the last few meetings but I had the chance to jump on a call with Matthew Roda recently.

The clarity and inspiration you guys give me makes the monthly fee the easiest investment decision I have to make.

An entrepreneurial journey is by its very nature incredibly lonely. Being a part of this pride provides an immeasurable value towards my own journey.

Just wanted to share some love and give thanks for all you give back.

Ross Stockdale

I know I wasn’t able to be on the call but I just watched Jeff’s call and I can’t even describe how perfect the timing was for me this week. This week has been the hardest week for my wife and I. it’s been hard to stay in the game. To be honest I have been on the bench a lot of the week. It been even harder to stay strong. For me and my wife.

My outlook today is to get one win. Start moving again.

It’s not easy admitting that you need help but I have noticed that being down is only a weakness when you can’t admit you need help or need someone to talk to.

I know we all have stuff in going on but I thank everyone in my life who took time out of their day to talk to me. I know how precious you time is.

I have been in the group for a month now and it’s amazing. The character of everyone in this group in is unmatched. I look forward to more training like this. Thank you!

Billy Zerillo

Business is one of the hardest, most frustrating things that I have done in my life. The peaks and valleys combined with the imposter syndrome sneaking in here and there and then all the behind the scenes shit that drags me behind. You feeling me yet?

Listen straight up >> No BS

Battlefield Mastermind is THE #1 place to come for actual support and information that is Valuable and Usable. It’s literally a no brainer for the monthly Membership with access to the high impact calls and community of other business owners and entrepreneurs going through the journey just like you!!

People do not invest their time, energy, money, and effort into something they don’t find Valuable and Usable … Battlefield Mastermind is a no brainer … join now and come battle with us!!

Clay Smeltzer

Battlefield Mastermind is truly a servant lead peer to peer business owner and entrepreneur mastermind. I’ve invested well over $400k in personal development in the last 12 years and with one other exception I’ve never seen a sense of community and commitment to each other for success and improvement of self as I have with Battlefield Mastermind. Mind you that other exception is a 100x monthly investment, which speaks to the incredible value that Matthew has built here inside of Battlefield.

Matthew leads his pride with a genuine spirit to serve and lead by example. You cannot miss being a part of this amazing group of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Jeff Giagnocavo

When I joined Battlefield, I expected to network and meet with entrepreneurs with a like-minded mindset. That’s only a small snippet of what I’m experiencing. I’m connecting with other members on a whole different level. They are the best in their industries and it shows. The calls and guest speakers are incredible, and best of all, they resonate. I’ve created lasting memories and relationships with the people in this group. The investment you make is beyond worthwhile and the value is truly unmatched.

Nell Tice